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Specializing in property and liability risk management services

Specializing in property and liability risk management services

     Associated Risk Management, Inc. (ARM)  will serve as your institution’s Risk Management Department.  Because institutional risks are inherent to all activities, we are available to your entire staff to assist in all of your principle areas of risk. 

     ARM is available on a daily basis to its customers’ for their risk management needs including contract and policy/procedure reviews and assistance with most any other risk management issue.  For our higher education customers, ARM visits each campus at least annually for a comprehensive physical inspection.  The purpose of these visits is to identify and recommend actions to reduce fire and life-safety exposures.  The scope of these visits typically include boiler and mechanical rooms, physical education, food preparation, labs, shops, storage, residential and office exposures.  The recommendations are intended to alert the member college to actions that will reduce these exposures. 

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     Personnel-related claims and litigation represent a significant percentage of all claims paid for many organizations.  Recognizing these costs, ARM offers a comprehensive audit of existing HR-related policies, procedures, and practices.   The scope of this examination covers every aspect of HR from how positions are advertised to how employees are terminated and everything in between.  The process begins with an interview with the HR director to gather information about existing practices.  Detailed written recommendations are prepared and personally reviewed with the HR director.  ARM can further assist clients by offering model policies, assist in creation of employee handbooks and job descriptions.

     For its higher education clients, ARM has visited campuses and interviewed individual instructors and department heads.  For example, we have met with science and technology instructors to discuss how they teach, enforce, and document safety-related instruction.  We offered on-the-spot feedback and suggestions followed up with a written report.  During this round of visits we are also engaged in the most comprehensive risk manage survey we’ve done- examining for certain occupancies exposures related to auto liability, general liability, property, workers compensation, business interruption, professional liability and fire.

      We also offer a comprehensive risk management review of allied health programs.  This review is similar in scope to the other surveys mentioned.

      Contracts with contractors, vendors, clinical facilities etc. also can pose problems.  ARM reviews contracts, including insurance, indemnity and other provisions to assure reasonable and appropriate risk allocation.   We will respond with specific recommendations including suggested language.

      In the wake of Virginia Tech and other school/campus shootings, ARM has been presenting on-campus programs as part of its Campus Safety Initiative.  These sessions cover crisis response basics; individual response in a crisis; awareness and warning signs; and threat assessment.  Most recently we have begun offering VAWA/Clery Act compliance training to help members avoid Department of Education fines that are growing in number and size (some in the $100’s of thousands of dollars!

      ARM offers on-site training on a wide variety of current risk management topics involving colleges. We have provided training to entire staffs and smaller groups on topics such as sexual harassment, emergency response, safety teams, laboratory safety training, HR-related procedures and many more. 

      Currently, ARM is spearheading MCCRMA’s CyberTech Risk Control Committee.  This committee, formed recently, includes all Member college CIO’s and is dedicated to working together to identify opportunities to reduce risk and costs associated with data breach liability claims and other costs associated with cyber attacks.

      All of the services described above, and more, are available to all higher education institutions.  Find out how your institution can take advantage.

 The breadth of risk management services, and commitment to helping its customers proactively manage their risks is a major hallmark of the services offered by Associated Risk Management, Inc. 

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